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hi, we're team kooky

kooky creations is about imagination, individuality, inspiration & impact


enjoy the thrill & fun of designing your own clothes - unleash your imagination & go crazy!


every kooky creation is as unique as you are. It's your thumbprint that you can share with the world


we all take a bit of inspiration from others. Share your kooky creation, and who knows, you might be the inspiration for someone else


we're all about sustainability and making a postive impact to your life whilst not negatively impacting the environment

the kooky story - what sparked us!


I’ve got 2 kids (10 & 7) and they’re really creative, particularly my daughter who’s 7. She is always making something out of old things she finds around the house – toilet rolls, scraps from the art & craft box, old clothes and building material on route to the bin from our renovation. She always amazes me at how creative and imaginative she is. Anyway, one day she wanted to had the idea to make a pillowcase. She used an old dress of mine for the pillowcase cover and then cut up an old dress of hers that had some big squirrels printed on it. She cut the squirrels out and we sewed them on. We went down and got some pillowcase stuffing and voila, we had a pillowcase.

What I was probably unprepared for was just how much she treasured the pillowcase. It was front & centre of her bed and she loved to show people what she created. And that was probably the spark behind kooky creations…imagine if kids could design their own artwork and we could custom make it into their clothing. There were a few things that were non – negoitiable when we starting look at a business model:

1. We only wanted to use an eco friendly, highly sustainable fabric….so it was anatural fit to  team up with the other two co founders as they had previously owned an eco- clothing business

2. We wanted an easy and tech friendly ( create,snap,wear)

3. We wanted to make it locally, despite overseas being much cheaper

Also we wanted Kooky to be part of a community that is helping lead change for sustainable and creative products. Everything we do, from we we source our fabric to how we print and hand make our garments is done in a highly sustanable way

So thats the more serious side…


We knew we had to do things abit differently and some might say a little kooky, to really make an impact. So after many great ideas which included a lot of test and refining with my kids, we think we developed an idea that is imaginative, expresses individuality , inspires change and has apositive imapact on our beautiful planet!

Come and get abit kooky with us!



Co-founder Kooky Creations


Image of Colleen, Cairo & Koby on the beach with Seals at Kangaroo Island

the clothes we buy can help save our oceans

There’s been some amazing efforts to raise awareness of plastics (bags, bottles, straws) & how they’re threatening our oceans & sea life. But what’s less talked about is the plastic we can’t see, the micro-plastics that are shed from our clothing every time we wash them

the fabric we choose

Here at kooky, we’re passionate about protecting the environment. That’s why we chose one of the most sustainable fabrics around, TENCEL Modal from Lenzing.

It’s sustainable innovation at its best!


100% Australian made

Yep, many told us we were crazy to make our product locally when it’s soooo much cheaper to do it overseas. But we passionately believe that it’s got to be people and the planet, before profits

you can feel the difference

When you feel our fabric, you know it’s different. It feels so soft & smooth against your skin. Many have told us that it feels like they’re wearing silk!

The feel of the fabric is not the only difference…

how we put sustainability into action

Every purchase decision we make at kooky is a vote for the world we want. Here’s some of the ways we put sustainability into action here at kooky:
  1. we source fabric that meet the highest standards for sustainability
  2. our designs are made to last, giving you more wear, less tear
  3. we’re a ‘made to order’ business which means our environmental impact of over-production, which usually ends up in landfill, is virtually zero

Kids delighting in sustainable clothing in a way that is innovative, creative and imaginative, is the spark that launched kooky creations.

This is our first project, but there’s more coming. We’re exploring other opportunities to reduce our textile footprint that are innovative, creative and maybe just a little different….because that’s what being a little kooky is all about!